Races of Carcerus

Carcerus is full of many different types of people, at least as many as any other world.  Here is a brief breakdown of the races of Carcerus and how they fit into the world.


According to legend when the Five cast down the Dark God Syx and sealed him within the core of the planet of Carcerus, mankind rose from the corpse of the dead god.  Regardless of whether or not such origins are true, it is generally accepted that mankind is the youngest race of Carcerus.  The may not be the most long lived but due to their shorter life spans and adapatble nature, they are one of the most hardy and quick to spread.  The First Human Empire, the Illithan Empire, nearly took over the entire continent of the Mornlands before the great calamity known as the Rage of Ogdo, wiped out the Illithan capital city and destroyed the surrounding area turning it into the Sea of Ash. 

The modern day humans are varied in physiology and culture as those who survived the Rage fled to all corners of the Western Continents and beyond.

Some fled North and over time became the Olomin, the hardy men of the north, who average six foot tall man and woman alike. The Seven Tribes of the Olomin (Silver Dragon, White Fox, Great Bear, Wolfpack, Snow Spider, Brown Tusk, and Grey Whale) united together under a single banner during the Age of Heroes and call themselves the Great Olomin Empire, led by the Frozen Emperor Ryuuga Yong-in II.
(ooc: The Olomin are sort of a combination of Viking and Feudal Japanese culture, the word Olomin is a korean word I made up that means "Ice People") 

Some fled South into Dwarven territory, into the Black Stone Jungle, and managed to eke out an existence in the dangerous wilderness full of ancient powerful monsters. The Southern Tribes are independent of each other with no governing body.  There are the three "Free Tribes" of the Lizard, Bear, and Hawk. There also two "Slave Tribes" dubbed so because from their ranks, Dwarves take human slaves in exchange for use in the city of Stoneheim. in Exchange the two tribes garner peace with Dwarven society. They are the Hammer tribe and the Anvil tribe.

Some stayed in the Mornlands and formed the Kingdom of Ardor, which enjoyed great prosperity until the Dark Ages, when the lineage of kings was tarnished beneath the rule of the Black King Damian.  The monarchy was overthrown during the Age of Heroes and the kingdom of Ardor was replaced with the Republic of Dawnharbor.  The humans of Dawnharbor are so varied and different but one aspect they are similar, they relish personal freedoms and are the most welcoming of new races and cultures and among all the races on Carceri, the humans of Dawnharbor are the most tolerant and understanding (ooc: for the most part… like 70/30).

Last but not least, some took to the sea to look for new lands, many died but some made landfall on a large island to the east of the mainland and formed the Bonpu island tribes, becoming over time a race of dark skinned, seafaring people. From a young age they are taught how to build and sail ships, to fish, and to run and hunt in the bountiful paradise Bonpu provides.  As a people they take to Veil worship, which makes many raise an eye to them as devil worshippers or necromancers, but their unique take on The God of Storms has served them well over the years.


The elves of Carcerus are split into two groups, the Elves of the Twilight Wood and what are called Gray Elves.

The Twilight Wood is the homeland of all the Elvish people.  Legend says Ogdo formed them from the last rays of twilight filtered through the trees on the first day the world came into being.  The Ancient Elves, also known as the Fae, were creatures of powerful light magic. However, unlike their patron they were driven to more chaotic extremes, absolute freedom.  There are many that Ogdo birthed them, but Schao raised them, taught them to fear and respect the woods and from Schao they gained their temperament (much to the protest of the Elves themselves, to suggest that Orcs and Elves share a patron is a huge insult to some).

The Elves of the Twilight Wood are a social collective, they have no real government, everything is done for the greater good.  The society is more libertarian, as long as no one harms anyone with their actions, one is free to do as one pleases. There is a division among the elves, depending on what profession you decide to work in you must join with one of the Courts.  

Summer Court elves are warriors and protectors, the combat arms of elves, who express themselves in feats of strength, making of fantastic weapons and armor, and singing songs about the deeds of great heroes and boasting of their own accomplishments.

Autumn court elves are the harvesters and collectors, chefs and brewmasters. Denser than most due to strong work ethic, they are builders and heavy lifters. The autumn court is also home to some of the best bow makers in Elven culture. Autumn court gets the job done and are humble.

Winter court elves are the strategists and the thinkers, the planners and the best wizards come out of the Winter court. The mind is their purview, and they are the closest thing the elves get to leadership.

Spring Court elves are the growers and planters, those with green thumbs and nimble fingers for plucking at harp strings and heart strings a like. The greatest crafters and musicians come from the spring court, the most expressive elves join the court of spring.

Twilight Elves are the elves that don't choose a court or are too young to choose a court. Normally after their first century, an elf is encouraged to choose a court to join, until then they are in their "twilight years" If an elf doesn't choose a court after a century has passed, they are ostracized a bit but all but other Twilight elves. During their Twilight, elves are encouraged to also roam the earth and experience all they can but come back to choose a court.  Some don't return and remain Twilight elves, living out amongst the other races of Carcerus.  Should they return home, they would be made to choose a court and never leave again.



The Blackstone Continent or Tartega as it known by the Dwarves who live there, has at it's southernmost point a massive mountain. The mountain is rumored to be so large that you can stand at any point on Carcerus, look in it's direction and still make out it's peak. It is here the Dwarves say, that Wufall the Stoneheart, crafted them from stone and steel and set them forth into the world to bring structure and order. The mountain known as Stoneheim is a dormant volcano, hot magma sometimes pours down its sides however it has never erupted. Such an eruption would bring about the world's destruction, so the Dwarves tell it and many would not disagree.




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Races of Carcerus

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