Gods of Carceri

A brief primer on the Gods of Carceri:

The Gods of the Western World – The Continents of the Mornlands, Frostfell, and Tartega all have a shared cosmology.

The Lifebringer, The Jovial, The Enkindled

Domains: Life, Light, Trickery
Symbols: The Sun, Flames, Golden Wheat, Jester's Crown, Golden Staff
Worshippers: healers, artisans, farmers, monster hunters, entertainers, Elves
The sun god in all their glory, normally depicted as a being of rotund/curvy stature who consistently has a smile on their face, with scarlet red or auburn hair and eyes of gold. They carry a golden staff and dress in simple clothing or robes.  Ogdo presides over the golden plains of Verdania, accessible only via the Burning Lands of Ignis Lux.  Those kind souls that Ogdo wills to enter, will pass over the fire unscathed into the rolling green plains of Verdania. Those who wish to enter otherwise must cross the land of fire and be cleansed of their evil.
As the Lightbringer, Ogdo represents the coming dawn, of new beginnings, and the holy sun.
As the Jovial, Ogdo represents celebration and rest, also of harmless pranks and trickery.
As the Enkindled, Ogdo represents cleansing fire that washes away misery and disease. 


The Turbulent, The Tenebrous, The Tormentor

Domains: Tempest, Knowledge, Arcana
Symbols: Skulls, Black Clouds, Lightning Bolts, Black Throne, Copper Spear
Worshippers: Thieves, sailors, necromancers, Tieflings
The Stormlord, Master of Shadows, the Undead King, and Devil God.  Veil has many names.  Veil takes the form of a towering skeletal giant, bolts of lightning crackle between their bones and they wear a cloak of black storm clouds. Smelling of rotting fish, Veil presides over all the oceans of the world, the King of the Drowned Hells.  Access to Veil's domain requires crossing into the Depths, a cold domain of frigid water where no light shines.  Within the Drowned Hells souls of those who die at sea are kept and held submerged as part of Veil's domain, slowly turned into Devils.
The Turbulent Veil represents the dark and stormy seas, only calmed by sacrifice, offerings, and tithes.
The Tenebrous Veil represents the shadows of night, stealth, and the dark wisp of death.
The Tormentor Veil represents oppression and rightful ownership taken by violence, the pain of the torturers whip, and the agony of eternal imprisonment.

White Wufall, Blue Wufall, Red Wufall

Domains: War, Light, Tempest
Symbols: Gemstone Mace, Iron Gauntlet, Mountains, Brimstone
Worshippers: warriors, judges, politicians, guards, Dwarves
The Iron Justicar, the Warrior Monk of the Sky, Wufall is a force of strength, power, and honor. Usually depicted as a stocky powerful dwarf wielding a great stone mace of immaculate craftsmanship. The mace is studded with shifting gemstones, becoming sparkling diamonds, dazzling sapphires, or crimson red rubies depending on which face of the God is showing. Wufall claims the realm of Taboo as their domain.  Taboo is a realm of complex rules, a land of no subtext or metaphor.  Your word is binding in Taboo. Those wish to maintain order in Taboo must take control by force according to the laws set forth by the strongest in the realm.  Those wishing to reach Taboo on their own must first cross Jeweled Steppes of Wodania.  it is a steep climb to Taboo, the ground is sharp and pitted with treacherous gaps into which none who fall can escape. Every drop of blood spilled, causes gemstones to spring forth from the rock and jut towards the source of the blood. Creatures of living stone prowl the steppes and guard the way to those who would seek audience with Wufall.
White Wufall is the face of brilliant leadership, a white knight strident atop a silver horse, the keeper of the peace, the justicar.
Blue Wufall is a gentle face of understanding, the warrior who protects their family, a peacekeeper, the knowing and the wise face.
Red Wufall is the face of terror and punishment, the cruel and bloodthirsty warrior who takes no prisoners and gives no quarter, the executioner.

The Bestial, The Cruel, The Virulent

Domains: War, Trickery, Nature
Symbols: Animal Claws, Teeth, Ivy plants, Apples, Animal Pelts 
Worshippers: villagers, shamans, barbarians, brigands, Orcs
Schao is a creature of pure hunger, desire, and id.  Schao wants for nothing else but to fulfill it's every carnal desire.  It is a force that topples mountains, dry's up rivers and oceans, and devours civilizations. It is the purest force of nature itself, the need to grow, devour, and die in an endless cycle. Depicted as a shapeshifting beast, each of it's features rapidly changing to take on whatever form it desires, it almost always has fangs of brilliant white stained with red, black claws that can rip your very soul asunder, and flesh that is impenetrable to all forms of weaponry.  Schao's eyes are the worst part, all are prey before it's gaze and in it's eyes you can see it devouring you over and over for all eternity.  Schao's domain is the wild of Samara, an ever changing lush jungle that consistently twists and writhes.  Everything eats everything in Samara, every living thing in Samara is carnivorous from the demons that roam it's wilds, to the great twisting trees, to the very ground that emits digestive acidic gases.  A lush green hellscape, home to The Lost, spirits or souls dragged that were stolen or got lost on their way to whatever afterlife awaited them.  To cross into the realm of Samara, you have to find it at the center of the Black Box, a labyrinth designed by Artluen to keep Schao inside it's domain and away from the rest of the cosmos.  The Black Box is madness incarnate, a shapeshifting maze of dangerous traps and sentinels of arcane power.
Schao the Bestial stands for the vicious beasts of monsters of the wild, life with no barriers, carnal desires to eat and procreate.
Schao the Cruel, the dark animal in us all. Hatred, murder, and Envy. The patron of Orcs.
Schao the Virulent, the silent beast, disease, famine and plague.  Acid that burns your veins. 

Lunar Sentinel, Eternal Scholar, Keeper of Secrets

Domains: Knowledge, Arcana, Life
Symbols: The Moon, Purple Tomes, Great Stone Palace, Gears, Silver Staff
Worshippers: mages, scholars, teachers, writers, artists, Gnomes
The one who knows everything that was, is, and will be.  Artluen is the aloof god, one who has seen everything and knows all. Depicted as a wise elder or a way too young child, clad in robes clasping a large weathered tome in one hand and long delicate silver staff in the other.  Artluen almost always appears when the moon is present, or more likely the moon is present whenever Artluen appears.  Artluen presides over Incarna, the Library of Gods in which all that Artluen knows is being written down by scribes of Arluen's making and worshippers they have deemed worthy to witness the secrets of the cosmos. Artluen's throne sits in brilliant cold light at the antechamber of Incarna, where the god stays in eternal meditation, only ever stirring to bear witness to one of the Nine Great Eras being born that will only ever be born before the universe ends. The Black Box is embedded in Arluen's throne upon which they sit, made forever uncomfortable to contemplate the prison they have locked their sibling within until The End.
To reach Incarna one must pass through Werdna the Invisible Realm of Glass and Mirrors.  Creatures of pure air guard the way through and the door to Incarna is always visible, seemingly only a short walk away but always out of reach.


Gods of the Dragon Lands

Bahamut the Brilliant

The Platinum Dragon, Keeper of the Flame of Life, The Eternal

Domains: Light, Life, War
Symbols: Platinum Scales, Two-Handed Sword, White Flames, 
Worshippers: Metallic dragonborn, paragons of justice, healers, and good folk of the world

Tiamat the Terrible

The Dragon of Five Heads, Keeper of the Flame of Death, The Shadow of the End

Domains: Tempest, Trickery, Arcana
Symbols: Five pointed star of Chroma, Twin Swords, Black Flames
Worshippers: Chromatic Dragonborn, paragons of power, wizards and sorcerers, the cruel and the cold.


Gods of Carceri

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