What is a hero? Does a hero always perform good deeds or are they merely someone who dedicated themselves to just doing something epic and worthy of retelling?  The following assumes the latter.  Not all of those who fought the Dark Cleric Tharzidun were "pure of heart and of nobel intent" but they fought and died to save the world all the same.  These are the tweleve who marched into the Ash Desert, not knowing only five would survive to walk out.

Ryuuga Ginyong – The Lonely Dragon

Ra'Zok Hammerfist – The Golden Hearted Beast

Samuel Swain – Laughing Sun

Samantha Swain – Shy Moon

Cairn Throngard – The Iron Demon, Slayer of Kotharshochraos, Knight of the White Wufall

Sin Alssariq - The Twin Blades of Tartega

Zook Turen – That Fecking Bard

Malsevir the Blue – Daughter of Veil

Moritaure Hinenschao – Keeper of Samara

Bulbin Longtoe – The White Boar of Halfman Wood

Sara Tinmar - She Who Tempted the Moon

Borian Drivir – The Herald of the Five, Master of the Twelve Schools


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