Wrath of a Sleeping God

The Song of the Siren

Chance Encounters and Fine Ale

This story begins in a pub.  Not just any pub, but the biggest pub in all the world, the Song of the Siren tavern.  Folks come from all around the world to partake of it's vast, almost limitless collection of wine, beer, and spirits and to enjoy fine entertainment and the softest feather beds. The tavern is sprawling, seating one thousand patrons comfortably in it's interior, with a massive beer garden out back that might seat another thousand. It has three floors, each with it's own bartenders and waiters, a separate building is a sleeping quarters, with a large open sleeping "barracks" for patrons who don't have a lot of money, and private rooms that get fancier as the price goes up. Each of the floors, opens onto a large stage where entertainers come from all over to make their debut at the Song of the Siren.

Rumors abound that the proprietor is a known associate of the local crime syndicates and the town guard alike.  He rubs elbows with the members of the Mornlands Parliament and smugglers from the Bonpu islands and beyond. The Song of the Siren, on top of being a world class establishment, is also a safe zone, a neutral territory. 

It is in to these hallowed halls you find yourself wandering into, either to escape the wild parade outside or for your own reasons.  The Tavern offers a little solace from the crowd of parade goers in the streets of Dawnharbor, but it is also alive and bustling with life as employees are setting up the beer garden to host the Ogday Brewmaster Competition and the Bar Brawl to occur soon after.  There is no entertainment on the main stage, but small time musicians are plying song for coin, almost drowned out by the sounds of pleasant conversation.

The first of you enters…


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