Wrath of a Sleeping God

The Song of the Siren
Chance Encounters and Fine Ale

This story begins in a pub.  Not just any pub, but the biggest pub in all the world, the Song of the Siren tavern.  Folks come from all around the world to partake of it's vast, almost limitless collection of wine, beer, and spirits and to enjoy fine entertainment and the softest feather beds. The tavern is sprawling, seating one thousand patrons comfortably in it's interior, with a massive beer garden out back that might seat another thousand. It has three floors, each with it's own bartenders and waiters, a separate building is a sleeping quarters, with a large open sleeping "barracks" for patrons who don't have a lot of money, and private rooms that get fancier as the price goes up. Each of the floors, opens onto a large stage where entertainers come from all over to make their debut at the Song of the Siren.

Rumors abound that the proprietor is a known associate of the local crime syndicates and the town guard alike.  He rubs elbows with the members of the Mornlands Parliament and smugglers from the Bonpu islands and beyond. The Song of the Siren, on top of being a world class establishment, is also a safe zone, a neutral territory. 

It is in to these hallowed halls you find yourself wandering into, either to escape the wild parade outside or for your own reasons.  The Tavern offers a little solace from the crowd of parade goers in the streets of Dawnharbor, but it is also alive and bustling with life as employees are setting up the beer garden to host the Ogday Brewmaster Competition and the Bar Brawl to occur soon after.  There is no entertainment on the main stage, but small time musicians are plying song for coin, almost drowned out by the sounds of pleasant conversation.

The first of you enters…

Session 1
Dawn of a New Era

You arrive in the city of Dawnharbor during Victory Fest, the town is full to bursting as visitors from all across the world of Carcerus.  The leaders of every civilization have enacted a peace treaty to ensure that all are welcome to this years festival, the millennial celebration.  The city is surrounded by a sea of tents and encampments with banners bearing strange flags from every foreign land, no nation or tribe is too small to attend.  The rosters for this years weekly events are filling up, the Festival Games have begun and with so many different people from around the world participating the rewards have never been grander.  You would have registered for the rewards events on Genday if you are participating in them.

  • Genday – Setting up for festivities, people arriving (no events)
  • Ogday – Welcome Day Parade, Celebration of Ale (rewards)
  • Veiday – The Stormlord's Challenge (rewards), Shadowking's Masquerade/Daggers in Dark (rewards)
  • Artday – Wonders of Invention(rewards), Lunar Celebration
  • Saday – The Savage Hunt (rewards), The Feast of Kings
  • Wuday – Tournament of Swords World Championship (rewards), Closing Ceremonies/The Grand Retelling.
  • Syday – People leaving (no events)

Besides the weekly events, word has it that other more unofficial events are occurring in the city:

 There are whispers on the city's underground network that the local crime syndicate is hiring for a big job to take place during the week's celebration…

The Dawnharbor city guard are recruiting deputies to help protect the city during the festival. There is a high risk during the festival for international incidents to occur and outside groups that may be attempting to start war…

Pubs around the city are hiring help to handle the huge influx of customers but the biggest pub in the city, The Song of the Siren, is offering big money for entertainment for the week as well as additional bartenders, bodyguards, and wait staff. The Song is no stranger to visits from foreign diplomats and rumor has it there may be several important guests coming to witness the bar's world famous entertainment…

Whatever brings you to the city, there is a taste of excitement in the air and there is no doubt of the importance of this event.  There is a stir of destiny in your soul and maybe even a feeling of unease, big change is coming.


Event Descriptions:
Celebration of Ale – Brewmaster competition.  The best Ale, Wine, and Spirit awards will be given out as judged by a panel of judges.  As a competitor you would register as a Judge or a Brewer. There is also the great Bar Brawl competition, an unofficial event sponsored by the Song of the Siren pub, where competitors drink as much ale as they can (minimum 5) and then slug it out in a bare knuckle brawl in village square. The city doesn't officially condone the event but understands it's entertainment value.  It's not uncommon for people to throw in chairs, bottles, or whatever is nearby to aide their favored champions and bet on the results.  Gold is rewarded to the winner along with four VIP passes to the Song of the Siren pub and drinks for life.
(Out of character(ooc) note: it's basically like a WWE event but with drunk people, guards nearby hired by the pub to keep things safe)

The Stormlord's Challenge – A seafaring race that starts from the Great Harbor.  Competitors register their vessel and crew and compete to earn the Stormlord's favor by racing their ships to Veil Stone and back.  The Veil Stone is a large stone statue that rises from the sea and marks the edge of the deep sea.  The ships are mostly restricted to light fast vehicles, no large galleys or warships.  Attacking other ships is a violation but once the ships hit deeper water, anything goes for the most part and more subtle sabotage is known to take place.  Winners receive gold and a mysterious magical item gifted to the captain of the winning vessel presented by the princess of the Bonpu Island nations.

Shadowking Masquerade/Daggers in the Dark
A grand ball held in honor of the God of Storms and Shadows.  It is considered nearly perverse to pay homage to the Master of Devils and Corpse King, but it is a tradition on this day and the participants are encouraged to dress in costume and wear masks to hide their identities. Not everyone participates in the Masquerade, many stay home and lock and their doors for fear of the dreaded after party.  At midnight the gala ends and the participants have to make it home in the dark of night.  The Church of Veil sponsors an unoffical event called Daggers in the Dark, where participants are encouraged to pilfer, steal, loot, and offer up their ill gotten goods to the church as payment to the Shadowking. The best thief in the city is gifted a dark gift by the high clerics of Veil, but the city guard is out in full force knowing full well the events of the night and any caught are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

Wonders of Invention
A relatively new event that has only been happening the past 10 years, it is sponsored by the city's youngest institution, The Apothecarius Mysterium.  It is a celebration of the modern era and new developments in the world, a shining beacon on the future of Carcerus. Participants are encouraged to put on display a new invention or technique they've created, Apothecarius judges will walk amongst the crowd and judge the displays and pick a winner (ooc: basically a medieval science fair, with a dash of magic and fantasy thrown in). 3rd place is a gold prize, 2nd place gets gold and an apprenticeship at the Apothecarius, 1st place gets gold, the apprenticeship, and a coupon free to redeem a custom magical item of the winner's design.

The Savage Hunt
Participants pay homage to the Savage God by hunting down the greatest game they can find and returning with a trophy of their kill and presenting it in the town square.  They gather in the early light of the morning in the town square before setting off on their hunt. They are welcome to hunt any game they may track and capture before the sun goes down, their trophies can be cumulative or one massive trophy (legend still speaks of a victor who presented a Dragon scale as their prize).  Participants may work together but the victory goes to the one who claims they laid the final blow. The reward is gold and a legendary hunter's tool, rumored to be a relic of the Age of Darkness.

The Tournament of Swords World Championship
Usually the Festival's biggest event, this year's event is being dubbed "The World Championship" as competitors from all around Carcerus are pitting their combat abilities against each other. Anything goes in the Tournament of Swords, magic abilities are fair game as long as they target a single target (no fireballs, the 989YP Tournament set an end to that when several audience members suffered horrible burns due to a failing of the arena's protection spells). A single magic item is allowed (this includes Wizard spellbooks and spell compenents).  The participants will be whittled down to 8 top finalists who will compete in the main arena for all to watch.  The winner will be declared "The World's Strongest" and be offered a gold prize in addition to the most prized possession any of the Festival Games has to offer… A wish, to be granted by the full powers of the combined leaders of every nation.  Anything the victor wants (with very little limit).

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